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• Good Conduct

• Good Attendance

• Essay (Why I want to attend college?) –Essay must consist of a minimum of 400 typed words.

• Interview

• College Acceptance Letter

• At least a 2.5 G. P. A

• Agree to assist other Fayette Ware students who enroll at the school where you attend.

• Send the FCSAA Scholarship committee an academic report at the end of each school year while                   attending college.

• Support the FCSAA after graduation from college or trade school.

• Participate in at least one fundraiser of the association during the year, when possible.


***Applications Must Be In By Due Date: 4/2/2022***

Chick Here To Download Criteria Form

* Please email College Acceptance Letter and Essay to*

"Once this is completed please click below for step 2"

STEP 2 Click here to fill out Scholarship Application

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